(Book Two) Possessed {CLP SERIES} [Editing]

(Book Two) Possessed {CLP SERIES} [Editing]

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Izzy By imking4 Updated Apr 28


"2 diaries were sitting there, in the open. Ginny and I picked them up and opened them. I immediately felt a sense of helplessness come over me as I imperiously wrote a message on the wall with the help of Ginny."

Crystal is back and she is finally getting to go to Hogwarts with her brother. But when she and her best friend Ginny find a diary that writes back to them, what will happen? What will Crystal find out about herself? Why is her hair changing colours at the strangest times? 

Christella Lily Potter ~ Harry Potter's Little Sister.

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alirise14 alirise14 Jul 05, 2017
What happened? And why is this book not finished but all the others are?
Lovegoodluna27 Lovegoodluna27 Jun 15, 2017
Hay i know its not a big mistake but you did say to help so i's is a mistake because it it come out as i is
vakilia vakilia May 11, 2017
honestly and i know this is your book so take it as a fan being really upset right now okay: I DONT KNOW WHY THE WEASLEY'S JUST TOOK CUSTODY OVER YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!! stupid dumbldore
Dalar_Rose Dalar_Rose Feb 26, 2017
Please update soon so I can read the next books!! I must understand what happened here so I can read the next book!!
Hermy-own-ninny Hermy-own-ninny Nov 09, 2016
                              also you told us to be on the look-out for mistakes and i believe that this use of creek is supposed to be creak, WONDERFUL STORY!!
Altean_Lance Altean_Lance Feb 23, 2017
I'm lost I looked at the rest of the books and they seem finished while this one only has two parts?