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All The Lovely Little Vampires

All The Lovely Little Vampires

22.1K Reads 296 Votes 36 Part Story
Haeley Snape By HaeleyWilliamson Completed

Lia is just your average teenage girl. She goes to school. She has her best friends. She makes acceptable grades in class. Only shes not normal. Orphaned by a Strigoi vampire when she was five, the Cullens, a clan of 'vegitarian vampires', took her in and raised her. Little did Lia know she would fall in love with one of them. Edward. Ever since she can remember, theyve practicly been joined at the hip. Insperable. Closer than close. But he has no idea how shes flet about him this entire time. All Lia has always wanted was to live as a vampire with Edward forever, but there are two flaws to her plan: Edward is oblivious to her undying love, and he would die before turning her. Not only that, but Aro, the leader of a royal, elite vampire coven, has the wheels set in motion for her awakening. But no one else knows, and Lia refuses to tell them, in hopes of stopping it all herself before its all too late. But what is she doesnt want to stop it? Will she drive herself insane knowing her days of life, love, and everything else are shortly limited? Or will something else suck away her sanity? And what will happen when Bella, the pretty new human girl, arrives in her life? Lia must find the will and strength to be strong and never let go of what she values most, even if it means giving up everything else she loves. She must choose between life with a torn soul, of immortal life with no soul...

dustclears dustclears Nov 29, 2010
Okay even though i do love twilight!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know this was a story about the cullens :D But its still awesome!!
HaeleyWilliamson HaeleyWilliamson Nov 27, 2010
Comment Comment Please! :)
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