Anime Cover Shop | Open

Anime Cover Shop | Open

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Okami Akumu By AnimeWolf20 Updated Mar 17

This is a shop that if you have a story/fanfiction and you want an Anime/Manga cover for it here you can request one, but in return all I want is a dedication and that you mention in your description that the cover is mine. I hope it isn't too much.

  If you want to request one just comment on the book.


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Title: Virtual Love
                              Username: BAYAG_NI_AZRAEL
                              Demand: A crying girl looking on A boy and a Girl In the screen of the cellphone looking happy
                              Hehehe first time requesting here hope yah make mine I really love your covers thank you
-JAE_Hee- -JAE_Hee- Jun 06, 2017
Username: AngelTheDog1
                              Book name: Me or her?
                              Description: Kiba has to choose..Tamaki or Yuki (oc), he has 7 weeks to decide if Yuki or Tamaki will be his girlfriend
                              Yuki's looks: Mocha hair, fair skin, baby blue eyes
                              Quotes: ...
Usernames: shuckinggrievers 
                              Title: fairytail one shots  
                              Character: Lucy heartfelia, natsu dragneel , Ezra Scarlett, happy, gray fullbuster  or any character from fairytail. It's up to you whoever you want to put on the cover. 
                              Thank you! I hope you can make this cover.
Username: Jadelove1022
                              Title: Following the Light
                              Something You Want: May I please have a picture of Valt Aoi (Beyblade Burst) and just a normal anime girl standing side by side looking at the sun set.
                              Quote: Your time is limited, so don't waste it living in the dark when there is light.
winter127 winter127 Jun 06, 2017
Username: Winter127
                              Book name: 30 Day Anime Challenge Book 1
                              Description: Basically the 30 day anime challenge where I answer 30 "question" stuffs about anime 😂
                              Something I want: It doesn't really matter to me 😁
                              Quotes: Doesn't matter
MaxLariam MaxLariam Mar 16
Title: Love Story
                              Username: Maxlariam
                              Demand: Please your anime image girl with gown and boy please give me please book 1, 2, 3. Thank you