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Undertale Sans x Reader One-Shots!

Undertale Sans x Reader One-Shots!

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xXxDjwolfxXx By xXxDjwolfxXx Completed

Basically the title says it all. Give me a request and I'll write it! (I got nothing better to do with my crazeh life anyway...) 
  Aus I know:
  And many more but I'm 2 lazy 2 type :p

MysteriousDelirious MysteriousDelirious Mar 15, 2016
Science!Sans x Monster!Reader~
                              ((I have so many ideas but this is the first one I came up with. If you want I can explain to you the plot))
Pandicorn_Nancy Pandicorn_Nancy Apr 07, 2016
Oh what about a gaster!sans x reader and a us!sans x reader plz thank chu
SniZoy SniZoy Jul 21, 2016
My ideas :3 HoI!
                              Echofell sans x reader ( Fell Gaster Sans )
                              Ink sans x drawer!reader
                              Echotale sans x reader (Gaster Sans)
                              Error Sans x rrader
                              Swapfell sans x slave(?)!reader
rattledtothebones rattledtothebones Jul 19, 2016
SWAPFELL SWAPFELL SWAAAAAAPFELLL😀😀😀 pleeease!  I love that au, and can it be like swapfell sans or swapfell papyrus?  Please
Candyearth Candyearth Sep 09, 2016
Paperjam x Jealous!Reader please! Or some cheater!Fell!Sans x reader!
MooKoo_Writes MooKoo_Writes May 20, 2016
Underswap sans X shy reader and undertale sans X YouTuber reader please