Neko's Secret!

Neko's Secret!

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リンク By NekoYangire Updated Mar 22, 2016

Y/n is already sixteen years old, she lives by herself, and attends Signal Academy, Y/n soon found a small Pure White cat with odd coloured eyes and decided to nurse it for a few days until the owner showed up,

but what you didn't expect was a boy around your age at least two years older than you with pure white hair, his right eye ice blue and his other eye golden brown, with a fuzzy tail and cute soft looking cat ears, and wearing a white t-shirt, navy blue jeans and a necklace with a small tooth fossil polished and looking clean,

Later you have found other Male Neko's...

will you ever find piece in this world full of Neko's and a new female kitty cat friend....

VeryUnprofessional VeryUnprofessional Jul 10, 2017
Why can't my cats be that cute? I mean, they're adorable as it is but why not like that?
Give him a long ponytail and name him Zen, oh wait now it’s Jumin’s new “cat” lolololol
SolisLuna1999 SolisLuna1999 Jan 03, 2017
I know I am not a 100% Otaku but I'm pretty sure that neko means cat. But if you meant a half-cat and half-human it is called a neko-mata
spacemango17 spacemango17 Nov 27, 2016
I just noticed that in every neko x reader you a school girl
pocokitty pocokitty Mar 13, 2016
Aww, your so kind :3 Thank you very much. I wish you luck for your romance neko story. Hope it goes really well!~ ( • w • )/ Thank you so much again!! ( * w * )
agust_d_infires_me agust_d_infires_me Oct 13, 2016
My dogs eyes are like that and my cats eyes are blue and green