Neko's Secret!

Neko's Secret!

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リンク By NekoYangire Updated Mar 22, 2016

Y/n is already sixteen years old, she lives by herself, and attends Signal Academy, Y/n soon found a small Pure White cat with odd coloured eyes and decided to nurse it for a few days until the owner showed up,

but what you didn't expect was a boy around your age at least two years older than you with pure white hair, his right eye ice blue and his other eye golden brown, with a fuzzy tail and cute soft looking cat ears, and wearing a white t-shirt, navy blue jeans and a necklace with a small tooth fossil polished and looking clean,

Later you have found other Male Neko's...

will you ever find piece in this world full of Neko's and a new female kitty cat friend....

VeryUnprofessional VeryUnprofessional Jul 10, 2017
Why can't my cats be that cute? I mean, they're adorable as it is but why not like that?
SolisLuna1999 SolisLuna1999 Jan 03, 2017
I know I am not a 100% Otaku but I'm pretty sure that neko means cat. But if you meant a half-cat and half-human it is called a neko-mata
Werewolf1747 Werewolf1747 Nov 27, 2016
I just noticed that in every neko x reader you a school girl
pocokitty pocokitty Mar 13, 2016
Aww, your so kind :3 Thank you very much. I wish you luck for your romance neko story. Hope it goes really well!~ ( • w • )/ Thank you so much again!! ( * w * )
agust_d_infires_me agust_d_infires_me Oct 13, 2016
My dogs eyes are like that and my cats eyes are blue and green
KawaiiMeganeChan KawaiiMeganeChan Apr 08, 2016
Your story is great even though it's just the first chapter! Keep it up, I love you so much, I'm your biggest fan ;w;.
                              You've earned a new follower! <3