Faking it~H.S

Faking it~H.S

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♕ssəɔuıɹd♕ By tortillllla Updated Mar 18

"Guess this is the part where I'm supposed to hold your hand.....?" I said, looking off in the distance squinting my eyes awkwardly as I went for his hand without looking.

"Wrist." He growled, catching my wrist before the skin of our hands could meet.

"Yup, got it. Wrist it is." I strained out clearing my throat uncomfortably.

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inzarry inzarry Apr 16
a bitch is a female dog. dogs bark, bark is on trees. trees are apart of nature and nature is beautiful so thanks for the compliment
harryxstar harryxstar Apr 22
I say this all the time and this^ because people call me a bitche all the time