The Reverse Family

The Reverse Family

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Gravity Zero By DipperCipher0 Completed

Both parents have to taken care of the children separately, but now Dominic (Dipper Pines) and Tyrone (Dipper Gleeful) are happily back together as a family with their kids! Blake and Akira are their kids who have never once met since their parents were always busy with their life in their dimension. Now they have a chance to experience a whole family pack adventure together!

Blake Gleeful Cipher:
Age: 13
Race: Demon
Appearance: Black Hair, pale skin, and teal colored eyes.
Clothing style: semi-formal, mostly casual with small formal degree of clothing

Akira Gleeful Cipher:
Age: 13
Race: Demon
Appearance: Black Hair with yellow tips, pale skin, and blue eyes.
Clothing: semi-formal, tends to wear appropriate formal wear.

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I just realized in the first book dipper never came back to get the papers
Sorry to be grammar police but its obviously not obliviously.
Why does it have to be so gay? I mean, I don't have anything against homosexuals, but damn, it's gay af