(#1) Roommates by Day, Enemies by Night

(#1) Roommates by Day, Enemies by Night

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In the city of NYC---

Ok. Hold up. First of all, New York City. What, are ya gonna assume everyone here knows what NYC is? Anyway, this is about two people. I can almost hear you rolling your eyes. Another cliché teen fiction with a bad boy and a good girl? Nope. This is about superheroes. I can still hear you rolling your eyes. Superheroes. Like in comic books? Like people with super speed and mutant powers? Yes. But this isn't about the fight they have. More about the lives they lead without the masks. But just keep in mind, people who live in the world have all different skin colours. Do not assume my characters are of one unless I state them explicitly. and diversity is welcome here in my novel! 

Anyhow, back to the story. Ever wonder where supervillains go after their fight with the hero? What about the other side of the story? It's not like they sit in their lair cackling all day and planning how to kidnap reporters. What about the lives they lead? And instead of just focusing on that, what if the superhero and the supervillain knew each other? I mean, can they see behind the mask? No, so their identities are secret. So what if the hero and villain were best friends? What if they were roommates? What if they were falling for each other? And what happens when they find out? 

Now, I assume you know all of these questions will be answered in this book. But hold on. It's going to take a while. You're in for a bumpy ride. And if any of you got any of the references in this description, give yourself a pat on the back. That is a beautiful thing. And if you can name all the references in this book, you truly are a gift to mankind. 

Fangirl out.

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Does she have a voice changer bc like wouldn't he notice her voice
LaBleuRose LaBleuRose Dec 02, 2017
It would be sad if that actually happened after the fight this giving him those brusis
foxdance20 foxdance20 Nov 07, 2017
Yea not very evil more so just play fighting they enjoy whilst hurting themselves
JPKent80 JPKent80 Nov 12, 2017
Lines of dialogue here should be split to differentiate the two speakers
NevaNight NevaNight Jan 03
This is it. This is the story I've been waiting for ever since I read that Tumblr post
Twinner2 Twinner2 3 days ago
I was about to comment "Monopoly", but I see everyone beat me to it.