His Lust For Her

His Lust For Her

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Jordan Cherry By xNeverlander Updated Jul 16

"Love is madness, and lust is poison."
    - George R. R. Martin.


If you're thinking this is going to be a story about a girl who manages to escape an abusive relationship and then fall into another one with the "perfect guy" then you're wrong. Oh, so wrong.

Warning; this book will straight up piss you off, not gonna lie.

Unedited. It is a dark romance. Not your average 'romance'. Do not read if you hate violence, (of any kind), sexual content, (of any kind), plot twists, vulger language, mentions, and acts, of self harm, abuse, (of any kind), racist comments, ect. I'm telling you upfront this will be intense and NOTHING like Tattooed Possession. It will be 10x more darker. I'm warning you now, if that's not your style, and/or "triggers" you, then don't read. At all. Cause I'm not holding back for anyone. 

Also, make sure you vote, comment, add to your reading list and share with others, please! Thank you and enjoy!!!

A/N): This story will be updated once every two or three weeks because I am not finished writing or editing it, and because I have important things to tend to off of Wattpad. Thank you. Also, check out the rest of the 'His' series TEASERS. His One Desire & His Every Need. (They can be read separately.)

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