The Bad Boy Is My Enemy

The Bad Boy Is My Enemy

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Jay? By awk01d Completed

Max Carrington, the relatively good girl.
Alex Parker, the bad boy.

Sworn enemies since nappies yet there mothers still have hope of them becoming friends.

Suddenly forced to stay under the same roof for a whole month with the most aggravating charmer to ever walk the earth - what will happen?

You know what they say...opposites attract

"The best story I've read on Wattpad in a long time"

"This story seems almost real and the way you write it is just impeccable"


Warning: contains some strong language


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DesireToShine DesireToShine Mar 25, 2017
A joke? 
                              Okay how about I'm a huge disappointment to everyone I know.
                              I'm the joke
That's what I've been planning... I told my mom I'm going to live in England so my baby can have a British accent lol😂
DesireToShine DesireToShine Mar 25, 2017
A duffel bag- for a month? 
                              Hate you break it to you but that's not enough
I hate it when americans say british accents are cute             I think I speak for all british people when I say this
abbyy_wabbyy abbyy_wabbyy May 03, 2017
You're not a disappointment, whoever says it thinks that need to get some sense knocked into them. No one is EVER a disappointment. Ignore the haters
DesireToShine DesireToShine Mar 25, 2017
Okay but does anyone really bored by action movies? Or not find comedies funny? 
                              I get how people can be scared at horror but I don't