【Angel of Blood】Underfell!Sans X Reader

【Angel of Blood】Underfell!Sans X Reader

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I'm Lyrica Siji! :3 By Lyrica_Siji Updated Sep 30, 2017


Once a long time ago, the multiverses were doing what they would normally do and were getting along just fine. Suddenly, it changed. 

Y/N L/N fell along with their parents into the Underground. 

In this world, it's LOVE or love.

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Featherclaw78 Featherclaw78 Jun 10, 2017
My gosh! I'm already hooked!
                              (And I am so glad it ain't no lemon! LEMONS ARE SINFUL.)
vittyannele vittyannele Aug 01, 2017
Lookf like imanna experience sum pinnin in da wall or sumthin and Sansy Wansy is gonna look low at meh
fellsansxcherry fellsansxcherry Jun 29, 2017
No lemons *le cri* eh I'll pretend I got a step-dad. Ahem I am 4"11 *exaggerated gasp*
PotentialIntrovert PotentialIntrovert Jun 12, 2017
No lemons...
                              WHY NO LEMONS?!
                              JK JK TYSM I DON'T LIKE LEMONSSSSSSS
Jasontoddred Jasontoddred Jun 12, 2017
                              And I got shorter
                              Did I age?
Queentarai Queentarai Jun 12, 2017
Everyones talking about height and I'm just like
                              wHY NO LEMONS