Anime Lemons/Limes [Requests Open]

Anime Lemons/Limes [Requests Open]

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Monochrome Goddess By Greek_Godess Updated Dec 03, 2016

Ships and Character x Reader are welcome! Yaoi, Yuri, BDSM, Kinks, And Multi-Characters are also welcome! If you have a request, please include 

- Character name(s) 
- X [insert reader/character (!Type) 
- Story Idea (if you want)
- Anime 
- Kink preferences if wanted 

Animes I have watched
- Tokyo Ghoul
- Attack on Titan 
- Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood)
- Sword Art Online 
- Dramatical Murder 
- Love Stage 
- Naruto 
- School Days 
- Black Butler 
- Beyond the Boundary 
- Shimoneta 
- Code Geass 
- Free! 
- Hetalia 
- Noragami 
- Soul Eater 
- Monster Musume 
- Tora Dora
- Fairytail 
- One Punch Man
- The Devil is a Part Timer 
- (Not anime but) Legend or Korra and Avatar the Last Airbender
- [Ghibli] Howls Moving Castle, Spirited Away, The Secret World of Arrietty, ext

Remember this is adult content so please be mature! :) 

Also if there is an anime I have not seen and you would like written, I'll do my best for you guys! So request away!! <3

RazzsFandom RazzsFandom Aug 12, 2016
Could you maybe do a sadistic Nishinoya Yu from Haikyuu x shy reader?
BananaCreamPuff BananaCreamPuff Jul 27, 2016
would it be Ok if you could do a you Dom!Reader and Sub!Lelouch Lemon~
AnimeisLife136 AnimeisLife136 Aug 26, 2016
Can you do Gray Fullbuster, Rin Okumura,Mokoto Tachibana,Death the kid, or Levi Ackerman
aestheticsmolbab aestheticsmolbab Aug 08, 2016
Please do an 
                              Nagisa X shy reader 
                              Where the reader has to go to a party with (best friend) and she is basically forced to had sëx with her crush nagisa ;3 yup
seleneHernandezcandy seleneHernandezcandy Aug 16, 2016
Hi can you do a general iroh ll x reader from legend of korra?
WolfLink6 WolfLink6 Oct 22, 2016
If you're not too busy with a lot of requests, may I put one in? :3