Zane~Chan: A Zane X Kawaii~Chan Story

Zane~Chan: A Zane X Kawaii~Chan Story

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DigitalAshlynn By DigitalAshlynn Updated Oct 12

A cute Meif'wa cat girl who loves the color pink, is very outgoing, and loves shipping!
A normal human being who enjoys the color black, is somewhat shy, and is quite protective of his very few friends. 

No one would ever imagine these two getting together, or falling in love, but who knows? The world works in mysterious ways.


I do not own these characters, they all belong to Aphmau, except for a couple few which I have created. I merely own the story, but that is it.

THEY WERE PLAYING MARIO KART (she said insert game and thats what I just did)
Blutube Blutube Aug 08
When your the author and you have power to control the story this happens
its was beautiful sadly not real YES I SHIP BOTH ZANE~CHAN AND ZANEMAU!
Hahaha this made me laugh Aphmau was like "I LOVE YOU ZANE! "and zane was "I LOVE YOU TOO APHMAU LET'S GET MARRIED" and I was like "*pppfffttt* DA FAQ?!?! "
CryBlossom CryBlossom Jul 27
NOOO!! Ok the second chappies already out but well you know me XD
this almost ruined aaramu and zane~chan it's great that it was april fools taha