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ddlglove3261 By ddlglove3261 Updated Mar 25, 2017


I'm so nervous for today's auction. I just want my daddy to love me. But no one's ever loved me I don't know why I think it will be different now.


Phone rings* 
Hey Tobias it's me 
What do you want Eric 
Hey I'm sorry about Lily but there's an
Auction tonight at 7 and I think you should go to it.
I'll think about it. Anything else?
No that's all 
Okay well bye then

I hang up the phone angry at Eric for bringing up Lily. Lily was my past baby girl. I loved her more than anything. But she ran off with my butler Jackson...skank I should've known by the was she looked at him and smiled.
Whatever I guess I'll go to the auction to get her off of my mind. I go out to my black mustang my favorite and start her up and drive to the auction. It's only 5:30 but the auction is at 7 and it's held a couple towns away. 


I'm nervous as they call up each girl one by one on to the stage. I get more and more nervous as each girl goes on and my time to go on soo...

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petite98 petite98 5 days ago
Loved lt!  
                              Tris is such a cutie!  
sheo_shipper sheo_shipper Sep 05, 2016
So I was totally unprepared for the divergent aspect of this. I opened the first chapter and saw Theo and was like 'yes! Theo is so hot!' And then I saw Tris's name and I got super excited I've never seen a divergent ddlg before so thank you :)