Troublemaker✧l.s. fem!louis

Troublemaker✧l.s. fem!louis

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wavy baby By lucozade-larry Updated Nov 16

Harry has been a teacher for 3 years at Cheshire High and he never has too many problems with the students there. 

Louis moves in from Doncaster, wears pink lip balm and gives Harry a hard time, literally. 

Harry is just trying to do his job as an english teacher, but it's hard to focus when Louis is wearing his pink skirt a little bit too high

Legit boy teachers stare at me and I'm like tf bîtch? You want some? And I keep asking why they stare at me and they don't even answer and I'm like. F you.
Awww. It sounds so cute for louis to wear a skirt. And a pink one.
I think what louis meant to say was. A hot aśs body I'd love to fûck.
IT'S THE FIRST CHAPTER!! not that I'm complaining or anything