Add Friend || Solby

Add Friend || Solby

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Colby: Hey

Sam: hi

Colby: Remember me?


Kind of a textfic. 


Solby fic
-dont like? Dont read-

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Dyllusions Dyllusions Aug 31
I have a giant stuffed unicorn more than half my size my mom got me when I was younger. Idk why she got me a unicorn but hey it's comfy so what can yah do.
this is my first solby fanfic ive ever read so wish me luck ;)
choizer choizer Sep 17
Hopefully this will bring up my emotions after watching THE video
Dude i litterly did this. So I was doing my weekly stalk on Colbys Instagram and i realized i hadnt seen his first photo so i went ri hit and i went to hit back but my phone moved and i accidentally liked it.
How would that even work! Just go up to Colby and be like. "Omg Colby I luv u." Then just start sucking his cheek? Okay then.
demidemi- demidemi- Oct 08
this is my 7th time re-reading this, i will still enjoy this a lot