Intent [Wattys 2017]

Intent [Wattys 2017]

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Catherine B. C. By ccalianese Completed

How can I, Emma Parker, possibly fall into the arms of my best friend, Harry Styles, if I can't even tell him the most crucial and defining parts of my past? Lina, my other best friend seems to think that he and I are meant to be together. Could she be right? I just want an escape, from the nightmares, from the memories, from the fear and if anyone can help me it would be him. 

But I'm scared. I know it's all Harry wants, to be there for me and I know he's the key to my serenity if only I can muster up the courage to let him in.


|"Emma?" Someone said tapping me on the shoulder and derailing my train of thought. 

Weird, how did he know my name, I hadn't even talked to anyone yet, I barely spoke to the women giving out the welcome portfolios. Who on Gods green planet could know me here? It couldn't be Lina, she was most definitely still flirting with the boy at the desk and at any rate it was a man standing behind me. 

Turning around and taking my first look at him there was something familiar about him. It was the boy Lina had hand picked for me to date just a few moments before. Maybe it was meant to be I internally laughed at myself, fat chance. But there was something else about the tall boy with soft brown curls shaping his face, defined cheekbones, and piercing green eyes staring down at me. He had to be more than a random boy from across the room but what was it? 

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Those eyes had haunted me for years. Green globes that I hadn't seen in what, nine years? It couldn't be could it? Was it really him.

"Harry?" |

(This is my first time doing this so bear with me. Thanks! All the love, C)

Harry Styles AU // This story has nothing to do with Harry Styles. His physical traits are used but nothing more. // This is fiction. Thoughts and feelings of characters don't represent mine or others. Please remember that. // Includes mature scenes without warning. // All Rights Reserved ©ccalianese 2016

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I hate to be that kind of person but if it was a guy saying girls were only good for some things , this comment section would flip. So why is everyone ok with saying that about boys??
iyannaf iyannaf Jun 29, 2017
I read so many Harry books @ this point key words "brown hair" "green globes" "tattoos" "smirk" BINCH YOU ALREADY KNO
ninabinabobeena ninabinabobeena Nov 15, 2017
I’ve always wanted to go to school there. I️ visited the campus once. 😍
iyannaf iyannaf Jun 29, 2017
I hope there's more backstory on this later I'm already shaken
BnW_Harry BnW_Harry Jul 12, 2017
if i were im this situation I would've slap the bitch out of him or her b4 i even say their name
Harolds_4_nipples Harolds_4_nipples Nov 11, 2017
I've wanted to go to Oxford like my whole life but it probably won't happen