I Need You #Wattys2014

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MrsCassey By MrsCassey Completed
What do you do when the person you've loved since you were nine tells you he don't love you no more? What do you do when you find out your pregnant after he dumps you? Nineteen year old NaKhia Wright wants nothing to do with her no good baby daddy Hip hop and R&B sensation Messiah. For months after the break up she tried to get him out of her mind only to find out she is pregnant by him. Messiah's life has been nothing but a mess since the day he broke up with Khia and all he wants is her back. Can he forgive her for not wanting him in her life and can she save Messiah from ruining his life. COPYRIGHT(c) All Rights Reserved By: MrsCassey
So, I'm guessing none of y'all have experienced small talk before, yeah?
ohmygawd. people r so overreacting. theres nothing wrong with the question. it's small talk, dummies. >.<
@ImTooLoyal & yourstrvly My Real Name Is Akhia And That's Cool
Why didn't you tell him it was his? I feel like he probably knows..it seems like a$$hole move to throw her out, but for some reason I wanna believe that he did it because he didn't want her and the baby around the fvckery
@REIGNROCKS7788 thats whT I thought to but hes still actn like a scumbag!
was there a book before this? I wanna make sure I know what's going on.