A Series of Responses

A Series of Responses

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Trash Panda By AskIzaya Updated Jan 05, 2017

"Why did I steal it?" Izaya reiterated, tapping his angular chin as he thought. "Well... I suppose it was to annoy you." That was one reason he'd done it but it wasn't the main one.

"Are you going to give it back?"

"In return for something."


"Hm..." With a smirk, Izaya looked the other up and down in the calculating manner he was so skilled at. "What are you offering?" 

 - Two people meet in a launderette in the early hours of the morning. But what was meant to be nothing more than drunken rambling creates ripples in the future.
There isn't actually smut in this

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EverestOrihara EverestOrihara Dec 02, 2016
Dusoni- don't touch the fuqing button! Don't do it hoe!
                              Everest- *pushes the button just to be annoying*
                              Dusoni- god dammit!
LizzyMidford LizzyMidford Jul 11, 2016
Listen, Lady, I pay you to do stuff I don't want to and sort files, not judge my life choices
izayayami izayayami Jun 15, 2016
You should make a sequel your story line I'd great and can go many places. I know I'd love to read another one