; harry styles sickfics

; harry styles sickfics

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helloo, this just a collection of harry sickfics!! there may be one or two every once in a while that aren't really sickfics, but, other than those few, they're all sickfics. 

also, these will be boyxboy (larry, narry, gryles, etc.), so if you have a problem with that, you can gladly not read this. (but let's be real, it's mostly larry)

i'll always take requests, but i dont personalised one-shots, meaning no harry/girl or harry/reader -- solely harry/boy, sorry if you want boy/girl but that just isnt my thing ... oops. 

i always accept criticism, but rude comments will not be tolerated, whether aimed towards me or others. 

enjoy! x

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fake_ljam_payne fake_ljam_payne Apr 13, 2018
That’s so cute! I have asthmatic bronchitis all the time (literally, it’s a kind of permanent condition) so I know the struggle, and I wish I had Lou to take care of me 😂
1storywriter 1storywriter Mar 20, 2016
Awwww.....this was really cute, and the voice cracks were to die for.
sarcasstic sarcasstic Mar 19, 2016
yay! i'm really excited for this! i love your sickfics so much! your writing is amazing ;) i know i'm gonna love this book a lot
1DIrishGirl5 1DIrishGirl5 Mar 22, 2016
I really love this and thought how sweet Louis was to Harry when he was sick!!! =)
itsgonnabemay5 itsgonnabemay5 Mar 19, 2016
Aw, I LOVED this one!  So much cuteness!  Poor Harry baby!  I love when they get so concerned about each other.   :)
YaoiGirl111 YaoiGirl111 Oct 30, 2018
Could u also do a drowning where louis does cpr on him and an ambulance is called