Force Marriage (Jungkook FF) [B1]

Force Marriage (Jungkook FF) [B1]

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🌹마끼꾹🌹 By Miss_Sweetyz Completed

Confusing Story


Tachibana Yuki, a Japanese girl, who keeps a lot secrets, which no one will know.

In Korea, she have a childhood friend, her first friend deciding to go back to that country.

There, she went to High School for the first time. She wonders if her friend was there but,... she found another person.

A person named, Jeon Jungkook. A really popular guy in school, but they don't seem to like each other.

But, one day they got force to marry, which things goes different.


JJK: "Come on, let's go."
TYK: "No Jungkook, I'm not going there."
JJK: "Are you telling me that you don't like me?"
TYK: "Yes, I don't like you.", "But, I do love you."

Started: 15/04/2016
Unpublished: 28/06/2016
Restarted: 01/07/2016
Rewrite: 14/11/2016
Completed: 18/02/2017

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I like how you made the name and dialogue bold. It's easier to read imo
ARMY2695 ARMY2695 Jul 16
I love your story it is the best host it is so good😘😍💘💝💖👍
When she opened the door to music room 3, petals flew out, and 7 hot guys were there. 
                              "Welcome princess!"
                              Ouran High School Bangtan Club
- - Jan 04
if i were singing and Jungkook was like listening to me, he would've turned deaf since my voice is like really know what Imma just continue reading