Burning Desire

Burning Desire

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Everleigh Paige By EverleighPaige Updated May 04, 2016

"So what made you say yes?" he asked, pulling me out of my sexy daydreams. 
"Pardon?" I almost choked on a piece of rice. 
An amused expression played across his face and even that turned me on. "When I asked you for coffee and then dinner," he clarified. "What made you say yes?"
The fact that you're so hot and I want you to take me to your bed right now. 
"I... well..." I cleared my throat, starting to feel flushed and took a long sip of wine. "You seemed nice." Really? That's all I could come up with?
"Nice?" he smirked with a chuckle, tapping his fingers on the table. "You must have me mistaken, sweetheart." Oh, that voice.


A little spicy. A little sweet. A lot of passion.
Kathleen Crawford, or Kate as her friends call her, is every woman's envy. She's beautiful, successful, and all the men want her. Having always known what she wanted and had a plan for every important step in her life, Kate's rarely had to make a tough decision. That is, until she met Jesse Reese, a man who will stop at nothing to have her in his bed. Kate sees no harm in having a little fun and indulges in a spicy sex life with Jesse. It's perfect. Just what she needs. But then Alex Stephens captures Kate's attention, giving her a taste of something sweeter. Since she's technically not in a relationship with Jesse, Kate decides to enjoy Alex's company too. Both men give her something that the other cannot but sooner or later she's going to have to choose between them.

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Warning: This novel contains graphic sexual encounters and strong language. Reader discretion advised.

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sallyskye sallyskye Oct 08, 2017
Hmmm, I don't know... I mean, what stopped him at dinner? ha ha ha
lovemesomezak lovemesomezak Feb 17, 2017
Right there at the table?? Wow I need to up my game hehehe :s
Innocent_vixen_ Innocent_vixen_ Dec 27, 2016
She reminds me of me always thinking of....... Something= ̄ω ̄=
AlyssaGirll AlyssaGirll Mar 25, 2016
This story is good !! It's funny, good descriptions & steamy !! Glad I came across it !! Can't wait for the next update