Playing with Fire ✔️

Playing with Fire ✔️

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''I just can't stay away from you, Sarah Jones.''  He said, his eyes searching mine. He took a step forward, closing the distance between us until I was flushed against his hard chest.
                                ''You drive me crazy in every single way possible but I just can't stay away from you.'' He whispered in my ear, making my breathing hitch.

                    Sarah Jones, Your average seventeen year old trying to survive high school. She is just trying to go through her senior year without getting noticed, not that it would be a problem to be unnoticed since she has done it since freshman year. But it seems like destiny didn't plan it that way. 
                    That's where the bad boy of West Coast comes in. He's the total opposite of her. He's popular and definitely noticed especially the girls. In his world, he thought all the girls where the same and he didn't want to get involve with any until he met Sarah.
                    What happens when the universe decides to combine Sarah and Jacob's world together?           

                        WARNING: There are many  grammatical errors and slow       updates.