Vampire & Single

Vampire & Single

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Lucy Mitchell By blondewritemore Completed

Sasha, 23, is a new vampire and struggling to come to terms with life.  She never wanted to become a vampire. 

She was bitten on a date, by a guy called Boris, who she hardly knew. He vanished the following day leaving her to cope alone with her physical transformation. 

Months later Sasha feels alone, angry and scared of turning into a monster. Her urges to drink blood are getting stronger and she struggles to keep her fangs hidden. Her worst nightmare is for the human world to discover her vampiric ways and lock her away in a guarded cell. 

Can the handsome silver haired stranger Henry help her to accept what she has become and will she ever find love?  

How will she cope if the world uncovers her secret?

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MayhemMakers MayhemMakers Mar 28, 2016
Who's the woman in the picture??? I wanna use her as a character in one of my stories on my main account.
RockingShootingStar RockingShootingStar Apr 28, 2016
good story📓📔📒📕📗📘📙📚📖👍🏼👍🏼😊😊😀😀
clchsm clchsm Jan 29, 2017
I love this....although her condition is hard I wanna be in her place...Oh God I wanna be a vampire and feel how it feels to be one
Uveline Uveline Mar 23, 2016
I am new to wattpad and this is the first book that i have read.  And i have to say in cant get enough of it i want more !  Great story!
- - Mar 23, 2016
I just started reading this and I really like it! Great job!
clchsm clchsm Jan 29, 2017
Who would....omggg I just read 2-3 paras of ur story and i'm already in love with it.