You Won't Believe What My Roommate Did To Me  (Scomiche AU)

You Won't Believe What My Roommate Did To Me (Scomiche AU)

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Nicole By nicolefromtumblr Updated Dec 18, 2016

"You have to promise not to judge me," I begged, taking a sip of my coffee and exhaling deeply. I mentally prepared myself for what I planned to spill to her, half nervous that she would think I was weird and half ready to get this out of my system. 

"I'd never, of course," Kirstie reassured. She was my best friend, and I trusted her with everything, but this was very different than anything I'd ever told her before. 

"You won't believe what my roommate did to me."

(boyxboy BDSM)

Queen_Grassi_Hoying Queen_Grassi_Hoying Jul 06, 2016
Does Chardonnay not count as alcohol anymore or something?... And this sounds highly dangerous to do.
music_addict511 music_addict511 Dec 14, 2016
Are we thinking about the same Mitch here? Mitch Grassi? Bout 5,10', skinny, black hair that was recently shaved, part of Grammy award winning a cappella group Pentatonix and superfruit? Mitchell Colby Michael Grassi?
The_derpette The_derpette Aug 13, 2016
They say no alcohol...I'm just here like 'wait...doesn't Mitch live in Beverly Hills?'
*sees walk in wardrobe* I wonder which room Mitch is gonna get hmmmm
That's cute Mitch, real cute. Now cut the crap, no alcohol? You ain't kidding no one