Sincerely, the Beast

Sincerely, the Beast

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❝ leilα ❞ By ultraviolct Updated Nov 02

She walked up to him, trying to build her confidence, but dread and sadness was stained on her shattered heart. "I'm leaving." she spoke out to him in such determination, she was surprised.

He didn't say anything, he stopped his hand from writing, and his whole body froze, but he didn't do anything. She was so close to bursting in tears, her eyes burning with the feeling of deject. 

The thought of him being better off without her ran through her mind, but she let go of the thought, clenched her fists, and turned the other way, leaving the love of her life.

She walked away quickly, almost reaching towards the door until a hand came upon her shoulder, and her back pushed into a wall. A body pressing against hers.

"You are mine. You belong to me." He growled, pressing her more against the wall, breathing in her sweet suffocating scent.

"But what is the point in being yours if you can't be mine?" she looked up, crystal tears falling onto her rosy cheeks, defeat written on her face, but nothing written on his. 

Cover by dievergents ♡

Loved the first chapter just keep an eye on starting sentences with but and more descriptive language but other than that just take it slow and you're good