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~The Phoenix Academy~ ~Not Who You Think I Am~ LaurenceXGarrothXAaronXReader

~The Phoenix Academy~ ~Not Who You Think I Am~ LaurenceXGarrothXAaronXReader

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~Brianna~ By HappyCupcakeEater Updated Nov 23, 2016

"I never agreed to this!" I growled at the tall man in front of me. "Well Y/n as your father you must obey." He said with a smirk plastered on his face. I narrowed my eyes ready to attack at any good moment. "I will not! If it involves hurting my friends or anyone I'm general I will not obey you!" I said griping onto my swords handle. "Very well. Just don't say anything about your childhood or...your entire life will be ruined." He said walking off into another room. I collapsed to the floor with tears streaming down my face. 
 Ever wonder what it felt to lie about your whole life? Well time for you to find out! 
 Y/n has a big secret that she can't tell anyone. Her father probably the most evil man alive is out to ruin her life and, destroy anything that comes in his way. Y/n needs help but, will her friends understand her issue or think everything is fine? 

"I'm not who you think I am!" I said narrowing my eyes storming off.

HappyCupcakeEater HappyCupcakeEater Mar 26, 2016
OH MER GWERD I JUST TOOK NOTICE THE DAM CHAPTER DUPILICATED! Wtf! Shush everyone your not missing anything! But I'm not fixing it XD anyway cya LATERZ
AstonishingAmber AstonishingAmber Aug 05, 2016
I was looking for a Table x Reader x Garroth FanFic but i guess this'll do
LizzyRomeave LizzyRomeave Jun 17, 2016
OMI.......... Get garroth and Travis out of there and replace with pics of Aaron-Senpai
bts_trashy_trash bts_trashy_trash Apr 17, 2016
I actually know this boy who looks like a chipmunk and literally we are enemys
LizzyRomeave LizzyRomeave Jun 17, 2016
I'd the blonde guy Garroth-kun? If it is this is gonna be weird for me.
fanficjen2005 fanficjen2005 Jul 16, 2016
*sees travis*
                              *sees her garroth senpai*
                              *gets nosebleed and faints*