ATOS: All Types Of Sex

ATOS: All Types Of Sex

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OneShots_CumShots By OneShots_CumShots Updated Oct 22, 2017

I honestly don't really know much about this topic, since I'm, like, super young, but I think I've watched enough porn to be able to write a story about sex... So I'm gonna try!!! 

WARNING: This story has BxB, GxG, and BxG in it!!! Each chapter will switch!!! This is also my first full sex book, but if it goes well, you might see lots of these!!! 

Hope you enjoy!!! Leave comments, but no criticism, please!!!

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reedinglandis reedinglandis Oct 23, 2017
i... know this is possible, but im pretty sure a girl’s
                              g-spot is near her entrance.
Fanfic_lover1328 Fanfic_lover1328 6 days ago
U should make this one shot into a book! The story line is great for writing, 2 best friends who end up more then besties.
reedinglandis reedinglandis Oct 23, 2017
^^ if a girl is tight during sex, she uncomfortable. the vag doesnt loosen the more you have sex, thats a terrible myth.
BTShip BTShip Dec 14, 2017
*Reads it three more times* What the fudge? You have no idea how weird I looked just now when I burst out laughing
- - Jun 07, 2016
KendraKlopfenstein KendraKlopfenstein Jul 05, 2016
If she is tight she is unaroused you are not good at turning her on boyyy