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humanstuck! gamzee x reader [FINISHED!]

humanstuck! gamzee x reader [FINISHED!]

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dontsugarcoat By dontsugarcoat Completed

a new guy at work. seems legit. little did you know that this one person at this one moment could take you on the most important journey of your young and stressful life

-Choi_Minki- -Choi_Minki- May 24, 2016
The capitalization sucks and it makes me want to stop reading it, but the story is SOOO GOOD! I CAN'T STOP READING IT EVEN IF I WANTED TO :OO
Xenia_Winged_Warrior Xenia_Winged_Warrior Dec 04, 2016
The punctuation is bad, you need to fix it. You also need to separate your paragraphs.
                              That is all of the criticism I need to tell you though, as you have good grammar and a good story!
                              I will continue reading -w-
ap0calypsearisen0uu0 ap0calypsearisen0uu0 Jul 09, 2016
That my kinda day, go to school, come home(I don't have a job) do hw, eat ramen, AND GO TO BED
FuzionThrivedz FuzionThrivedz May 27, 2016
Lol Raman noodles. XD at school be like:
                              Friend:Soul your eating RAW MEN how is it
I can't read this tbh- I'm going to lose track of where I was reading
UndefinedSpirit UndefinedSpirit Oct 23, 2015
Quite the first impression. "crazy ass juggalo".
                              Oh, and for those of you who were wondering:
                              free from legal, social, or political restrictions; liberated.
                              "emancipated young women"
                              from google definitions
                              even though that doesnt really help much