Escape | A MD Yandere Fanfic

Escape | A MD Yandere Fanfic

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◎ A Garmau Alliance ◎ By _PhoenixDropped Updated Nov 27, 2016

"Not getting caught. Easy. Washing off blood. Easy. Escaping. Easy."

"But Love? Not Easy."

[ Note: "This book contains scenes of gore, blood shed, insanity, even more blood shed, and yanderes. Read at your own risk." ]

There is a difference between a psychopath and a murderer. Psychopaths kill for fun, but murderers have a reason. But what about students? They don't kill. Not typically. On the outside, Garroth and Laurence seem like normal hormonal teens crushing on the same girl. But on the inside, they yearn for one thing and one thing only.


And nothing, nobody, will stop them from getting what they want. 


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Lazy_username Lazy_username Nov 24, 2016
I'm okay with that I  need ways to kill people for Senpai Anyway
Insane-Like-Skittles Insane-Like-Skittles Nov 10, 2016
I started listening to Senpia notice me by random encounters when I was reading 😂
AlexCrAzyGirl AlexCrAzyGirl Feb 02, 2017
Now this is my kind of story I love killing my victims and framing it on others *people stares at me* *Ahem* hehehe in video games...  yeah  video games
ThatWeirdFangirl123 ThatWeirdFangirl123 Dec 30, 2016
Is it
                              Normal to say normal so many times in a normal sentence?
-crystaline- -crystaline- Oct 07, 2016
If you've watched Akame ga Kill, you can watch/read anything.
phoenixvae432 phoenixvae432 Aug 04, 2016
Gore...blood shedding...insanity...more blood shedding...yandere...I'll read it!