Twin Tussle ✔

Twin Tussle ✔

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Blood is thicker than water...Or is it?

The first time I saw Harley Martinez, my heart did five somersaults back-to-back. 

When her beautiful light green orbed eyes met mine, I just knew I had to have her. But there were just two problems holding me back - I was a geek and I had a twin.

My twin? He's the ultimate heart-throb, an egoistic dreamboat who makes the girls squeal and faint the moment he passes by them. 

To make situations even worse, I asked if he knew about Harley in hopes that he'll help me out of this geek-world, in hopes that he'll help me break out of this bubble of embarrassment that the bullies had created around me just so I can make an impression on Harley. 

But guess what my twin said instead?

'I'm in love with her too'

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[Cover by: @TheWorldWasQuiet ]

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tntv2468 tntv2468 Jul 02
Dang, I wish two guys would like me at the same time. Nobody likes me in that way and nobody will 😢😂 #SingleLifeRocksAnyway
say_MEOW841 say_MEOW841 Sep 25
i have only read like a chapter and i am ALREADY HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK
ShaneSlays ShaneSlays Jul 18
I was like nah im not gonna read this but i looked at that pic and i was like u know what a liitle bit won't hurt next thing u know *Completes the story*
Silentobserver1 Silentobserver1 May 31, 2016
I so loved this story...
                              And the way Caleb indirectly said that he loved her too.. was just WOW!
                              I wish i could write like that...
JessQvist JessQvist Apr 30, 2016
I love your writing. I just want to read more.
                              I like the main character because I think a lot of people have that "Well he's better than me, so why should I even try?" belief. So we doubt ourselves.
nicxlemarkert nicxlemarkert May 01, 2016
I like your writing a lot, and it was short but very attention grabbing. I also really like the plot/storyline so far! I would just look over the chapter again for small editing errors ☺️