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Eddsworld: Tom x Reader

Eddsworld: Tom x Reader

26.9K Reads 909 Votes 11 Part Story
🌚 By imissher7 Updated Dec 19, 2016

You wander around the mall, hoping to find something new or interesting. But instead of finding someTHING, you found someONE.

Jaclyon Jaclyon Feb 17
Eyyyy this is just the beginning 
                              LET'S HAVE A PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!!!
                              He like blue
                              He doesn't have eyes
                              ....TOM IS EYELESS JACK
Man, Tom is all like
                              Oh Idk who are u, I just know your name, you might be a murderer,aybe a kidnapper or even a rapist but I will stay at your house cuz I need to do this so the story can go on"
AriesChong9 AriesChong9 Jan 16
......that's what they all call me. BOI I AINT CUTE, IM COOL!!
I. Just....YAWNED!!! 
                              I'm never tired. *Throws the word "yawn" out the window* Mah wurkz Heer iz dun. 
                              XD idk
Amber_Ender Amber_Ender 2 days ago
Tom, why u no question, me could be crazy cat lady, me could have a knife gun, WHATS WRONG WITH CHU?!?!?