The Hunter's Mate

The Hunter's Mate

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Austin Kalin ➰ By MommaShifter Completed

7 years ago, Ryan's parents were killed by an alpha of the Red Stone Pack. Now she is out for revenge. Along the way she is killing any werewolf she sees but she has met some nice ones. She has met her mate who is an alpha. But the problem is, she is a hunter.

Highest Ranking: #152 in Werewolf

*cover by: @mcringstars*

  • action
  • hunter
  • kidnapping
  • romance
  • werewolf
Why would she remember a small detail of her not hearing something, make the plot obvious why don't u
 #rr  haha *shakes nerbously* what I didn't do anything. *Goes and spoils whole book and all the secrets* opps. I guess I did now. You people are in for a ride.
Mom! Dad! No please don’t make me and my sister become puttanas (whores)
                              I hate you dad fiaglo di puttana (son of a bitch) btw I picked this up from a book
Go for the knee! Or his pen-
                              Okay nevermind taking things too far
Did anyone else think of Ryan Ross?
                              I think it's just me....
                              I'm way too into Emo Bands, Omfg
sanhps sanhps Feb 05
Turner!!?? Were's my William??!! WILLIAM!!! COME BACK TO ME!! 😍😭😱