Arranged Marriage : j.b ✔

Arranged Marriage : j.b ✔

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They were both forced into it. None of them wanted to it to happen but they had to.....

They had to get married to each other against their will.

They hated each other, or so they thought.

But they didn't knew that they were meant to be.

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Cover by me myself and I

Juwaria3692 Juwaria3692 Aug 26
this story is a bit 2 quick fpr me but ima carry on reading it nd see if its gets better 😊😊😊😊
I'm just going to change his name and imagine a different person
Nah  fam you wrong 48% of girls at  the least doesn't find you "super" attractive or like you at all I myself don't really find you so attractive just like cute or whatever.💀💀💯
I've read this soo many times and I hate him right now for the pain he's going to cause scar
ExcitedJerry ExcitedJerry Jun 20, 2016
Quit being short and you wouldn't have to sorry about it buddy