KILLER! (Ereri smut)

KILLER! (Ereri smut)

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attack__on__yaoi By attack__on__yaoi Updated Feb 04, 2017

Levi Ackerman! He's an almost world wide infamous criminal who is constantly on the run causing mass panic in every city he runs to, but all of that changes when he shot Eren jaeger! 

The boy awakened in a strange hospital who didn't seem to treat criminals and carelessly treat their patients.   

After meeting meeting Levi, and realising he was suffering from drug use the teen wanted to help him almost getting himself raped; but the criminal showed up saving his life!

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OHSHCPhan OHSHCPhan May 06, 2017
Eren please be ok (i assume Levi is the other one hurt) Levi please be ok
AlyssaJeager AlyssaJeager Nov 15, 2017
Oh my god! This is not happening! Wtf! I'm still speaking with exclaimation marks! Stop! It! No!
This is like Eren saying "Hey I'm gonna piss you off so you can come kill me."
QueenoftheFangirls13 QueenoftheFangirls13 Aug 16, 2016
Dude, first paragraph and three exclamation points. Not to be uber critical but dude
Melsistaken587 Melsistaken587 Feb 06, 2017
Boom boom boom I want you in my room will spend the night together hope this moment will last forever
Melsistaken587 Melsistaken587 Feb 05, 2017
Why am I picturing Armin's voice like Morty's voice from Rick and Morty