Why Do You Hate Me (NARUTO)

Why Do You Hate Me (NARUTO)

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Haruki Ryu By MissKHRLOVER Updated Dec 12, 2016

Madara is dead. But everyone is also dead. Hatake Naruto known as Uzumaki Naruto is the only survivor . Kurama told her that she can have a second chance to travel back when she was became a genin. But when she arrives at the past she find herself that she is pregnant in her 12 year old body . It seem that her baby with Kakashi had tag along with her to the past.

Fem Naruto 
Time travel
Underage pregnancies

Disclaimer:Naruto is not mine and so is the photos in this fanfiction. If it's mine Naruto would be a girl and married with Kakashi.......I'm a big fan of KAKANARU
I am sorry if it is cliche
Again I am sorry english is no my first language so sorry if there is grammar mistakes.

shino_is_my_bae shino_is_my_bae Aug 28, 2016
What.....,s-shino............s-s-shino...............*cries in Tamakis emo corner*
myew42 myew42 Sep 17, 2016
Welp looks like I got a new ship for my long list of naruto ships