Cloud Nine ✔️

Cloud Nine ✔️

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"I'm sorry," Chandler apologized.

  "You say that, but what happened back there?" Monica asked and his heart started racing. 

Was this an opportunity being handed to him? Should he tell her why? Was this the chance he got to speak the truth? Tell her how he really felt? She looked into his eyes and his heart thumped wildly against his ribcage.
"Monica I..."


It's autumn and the stress is building on with the fact that Ross and Emily's wedding is nearing so the gang decide to take a holiday. So what happens when they decide to have their holiday in the city of Prague?

This is mainly based around Mondler because they are OTP! Also Phoebe never got pregnant with the triplets in this version for the sake of writing this because otherwise she wouldn't be able to come with them

Disclaimer: I still do not own F•R•I•E•N•D•S

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