▲।♡।◆।♥ंंThe NeverEnding Loopंं ♥।◆।♡।▼※REALLY SLOW Updates◎※

▲।♡।◆।♥ंंThe NeverEnding Loopंं ♥।◆।♡।▼※REALLY SLOW Updates◎※

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The Twins! By -707-_-Unknown- Completed

"What is even your problem!? Everyday! Everytime! I felt like I never belonged here! Like I was a small piece that never existed but did! Why was I felt with such sadness and Sorrows where I can only feel happiness whenever i'm alone!? Was I destined to be this?. . . Why was I picked? To be picked With Sorrows,pain,Joy,and horrible horrible disaster hopes and luck. . . "

She looked down as she looked everywhere to see everything dark and grey as the person who stood upon her was chuckling

"Ya know kid,We can make a deal for you to live a proper life if you just give me your 'other' life"

"....It's your desicision....."

"The NeverEnding loop or The End of?"


All characters belong to their original owner except Yuki and the plot


_XxIGlitches_ _XxIGlitches_ Jul 31, 2016
Oh my god--- I almost cried xDD Wait... does 1 tear drop counts? I dunno.. ---
Yza_Bell Yza_Bell Sep 24, 2016
Well that was easy, what is your tricks child *looks closely*
ChristinaGuajaca ChristinaGuajaca Sep 26, 2016
'Your better off dead' reminded me of 'better off dead' by sleeping with sirens