All You Had To Do Was Stay | ✓

All You Had To Do Was Stay | ✓

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Mahum |-/ By Mahum7541 Completed

I close my eyes, trying to breathe in the silence. The silence; so calming yet where the greatest battles are fought. Reassuring but discouraging. 


It's all temporary; your happiness, your worries, your fears, your life.

What happens when you meet a certain Catastrophe, otherwise known as Adam Schwartz, that can make something permanent? Could it be your happiness? Your worries? Or your fears?

Kaitlyn Rose Harper had been chained to a ruthless roller coaster the minute she found out her mother took part in drugs. Fast forward, and it's time for confrontation. 


This is the moment her sad excuse of a mother decides to leave. 


It reads ASS. Adam Saylee Schwartz. This young nineteen year old man had to suffer from a past alone. 

Temporary; it's all temporary. 

Things have started to look up, only to be tugged away. Now the guardian of his four year old sister, will Adam have to face it all alone again?

As Kaitlyn rides this roller coaster, she takes the beatings of many sharp turns and drops, gains support from all the smooth tracks and discovers secrets that could've prevented the roller coaster from being so harsh.

Read this exhilarating tale of love, betrayal and secrets. 




COPYRIGHT CLAIMER: Everything written in this novel is owned and claimed by the author, @Mahum7541

|Unedited| Please kindly point out any mistakes you find. I'll be editing the novel once it's complete.

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_azuma_ _azuma_ Aug 07, 2017
You sure? After reading this my whole life seems to be a draft... your story is so well written! Good job!
Precious_rocks101 Precious_rocks101 Jun 27, 2017
All you have to do is stay. A minute just take some time the clock is ticking.
                              -stay alessia cara
Mahum7541 Mahum7541 May 21, 2017
(a/n): This was back when I did... Not that much of a fan anymore
_azuma_ _azuma_ Aug 07, 2017
I personally go eat chocolate :p. Sorry I shouldn't be joking in the prologue xD
- - Nov 26, 2017
Your book reminds me of the song, Stay. If your book had a playlist you should totally add that song to it.
_azuma_ _azuma_ Aug 07, 2017
I only saw a "your" written "you're" in the copyrights, but I didn't see another one later in the prologue.