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All You Had To Do Was Stay

All You Had To Do Was Stay

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Mahum |-/ By Mahum7541 Updated Jun 15

"Getting pretty for Matthew?" Clare says, her eyes sparkling.

"Shut up. If you ever tell him I like him, I will personally kill you. With a spoon."

"That's violent. I won't tell, don't worry, I'm practically your older sister. I can keep secrets."


As sad as it is, not all good things last forever. In Kaitlyn's case, the happiness her Dad, best friend and crush provided her had to be snatched away as soon as she figured out her Mom did drugs. To make it worse, Kaitlyn's mother decided to leave. Is there anything else that could possibly go wrong?

Life was never in favour for Adam Saylee Schwartz. Even though his initials spell ASS, he had to suffer from his past all alone, but when things finally started to look up, it had to be tugged away again. Now, the guardian of his four year old sister, will Adam have to face it all alone?

As Kaitlyn goes on a road trip to reality, she faces many ups and downs, gains a lot of support from her crush and best friend, and discovers secrets that could've prevented the past from happening.

Read this exhilarating tale of love, betrayal, and secrets. 

COPYRIGHT CLAIMER: Everything written in this novel is owned and claimed by the author, @Mahum7541 (me).
|Unedited| Please kindly point out any mistakes you find. I'll be editing the novel once it's complete.

Mahum7541 Mahum7541 May 21
(a/n): This was back when I did... Not that much of a fan anymore
--Tas-- --Tas-- Jun 29, 2016
You've put a lot of emotions in this, which is good. I like this already. Keep up the good work 👏
mariamrox4eva mariamrox4eva Mar 23, 2016
Omg I feel so sad for her, now her whole life she's gonna feel it was her fault her mom left );
saintc saintc May 16, 2016
Am I the only one that started to sing the Taylor Swift song when I saw the title?
Heathen_xoxo Heathen_xoxo Sep 09, 2016
Love your caste! This is the next hottest family after the Originals XD
LordMoriarty LordMoriarty Sep 18, 2016
Oh okay okay okay cool okay okay yup totally understand that