The Things We Do (BoyxBoy)

The Things We Do (BoyxBoy)

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xXxChrisisxXx By xXxChrisisxXx Updated Dec 22, 2017

I read it and swallowed. I have somewhere to stay now. I can just focus on working and paying off all the debts I had accumulated. I didn't need to do this anymore. I'll always have somewhere to go. Chris wouldn't kick me out. Would he? No. No he wouldn't. I couldn't doubt him like that. We've been best friends for years. He wouldn't kick me out, and he wouldn't lie to me and tell me I could stay when I couldn't. 

You mean like you wouldn't lie to him? A traitorous little voice whispered in the back of my mind. I winced and bit my lip, before moving the cursor to hover over the delete button. Do I really need the money so badly that I would sell myself out? On the other hand, was I really in a position that I could say no to work, even if that work was as distasteful as this? I moved the cursor away from the delete button, doubt starting to niggle at the back of my mind. 

Of all people I knew how quickly a situation could change, and I also knew that Chris was really angry at me right now. I also knew that I couldn't rely on him forever. I didn't want to be that friend that always had to have someone there to help them. I was a stronger person than that. My eyes flickered over the message again. The question is, am I strong enough to do this without it taking everything that's left of me? Everything that I am?

This is Book TWO of my series. Book One is called Tongue-Tied and can be found under Works in my profile. I highly recommend you read that first, otherwise this one won't make 100% sense. 
As usual, this book IS boyxboy, and it WILL contain sex scenes between two males, as well as graphic violence, mature language and homophobic slurs. These opinions are not my own, if they were I wouldn't be writing this. Yay gay! *Throws confetti in the air*

Other warnings include - prostitution, terminal illnesses. 
 Thanks to @KaedeHaruto for the beautiful cover :)

UPDATES will occur every Friday <3

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mayllk mayllk Apr 09, 2016
I just saw this is Logan and Christophers's story! I'm so excited for this! But I'm going to patiently wait until it's completed before I read it. You're a great author and I hope you will continue writing and giving us great stories.
xXxChrisisxXx xXxChrisisxXx Apr 09, 2016
Thats fine! This one should be better than the first one because I think I worked out most of the writing issues I had with Tongue-Tied being my first book :) and all the main characters are known ;) 
                              Thankyou so much! That means a lot :)