The Darkest Target

The Darkest Target

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Maria By ReeReverie Updated Nov 21

Top Ranking: #16 in Mystery/Thriller.
Book 2 in the Arrows & Anchors series.

For the past six years, life has been especially kind to Brooke and Julian. 

A beautiful new home. Fulfilling new jobs. New, eternal promises to be made, at the altar. 

Life is good-- so very good-- and it seems as though every danger of the tumultuous past is behind them. All of that changes, however, when Brooke receives a collect call from Wandsworth Prison.

With that distressing phone call comes a warning, from an unlikely ally: a criminal has been released.

Not just any criminal- but one that holds a visceral hatred and bloodlust for the couple.

Julian and Brooke tremble to learn that, while they've been happily settling into their new life together, a stalking enemy has been obsessing over ways to seek revenge. 

With retribution on the mind, their ruthless foe has no plans to allow Brooke and Julian the happiness that, he feels, was stolen from him. 

It's up to Julian and Brooke to protect themselves, and the newest member of their family, from the threats and perilous torments of a deranged murderer. 

From the brutal attacks, they must also learn that it isn't always a weapon that saves you, but rather... memories.

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Can't wait to start this, gonna take a small break and let everything from A&A sink in lol. ❤️
Yolo60 Yolo60 Sep 07
That was really good. The book is excellent and your hard work shows. Also laughed a lot readin this lol now onto the next chapter
I AM SCREAMING! I'm so ready for this book to begin NOW! I hope that they are okay :( and a wedding! A baby! Yes freaking yes! *sigh* I just can't wait
MarinaMaher MarinaMaher Apr 05
I'm excited to get through another one of your books. Hell, this is gonna be a great rollercoaster. Let's get this on!
Zachary333 Zachary333 Oct 27
Can't wait to start this book, ( I've already finished the first one) and I loved it so, so, so, so, so  much. That book is my everything. I'M SO EXCITED OMG..... I know i'm going to LOVE it So much, just like I loved the first one....