V is for Violet

V is for Violet

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When she said this, Violet undid the tie on her robe and let it fall open shamelessly, not once breaking my gaze. She watched me with fires in her eyes as she slid her shoulders from the robe and let the silky fabric fall to the floor. When she was completely naked, she took a step towards me so that she was mere inches from my body and narrowed her eyes. 

"Still think I'm a baby, Fierro?" She pushed my chest once and spun to walk away from me, to God knows where, but I caught her arm. As I spun her to face me, I pulled my gun out and put it at her chin. Her eyes widened, but the fire there remained. 

I stood there like that for three counts, deliberating whether or not I should just kill her and rid myself of the problem. 

But then I realized something; I couldn't kill her. Not yet, anyway. Not now. But what I could do... 

"F*ck it," I growled, and threw my gun to the ground. If I ever wanted to get Violet out of my head, then I had to first get her out of my system. 
Vengeance. Vendetta. Violet. These three words are her entire life. For three years now, Violet's world has been centered around killing Bill Pfeiffer, the man who murdered her father and little sister. She's learned the criminal underground inside and out while keeping from sight, bringing her closer and closer to her target. Now it's time to blow her cover, and Bill Pfeiffer's brains out.
    Vitale Fierro lives a fairly carefree life as a former sniper and Capo in the Salvaggi Mafia. He is responsible for his crew, and keeping the Family safe. Blood, guts, and gambling are expected on a daily basis. What isn't expected is the responsibility of what to do with the new prisoner girl. The girl that shot the Family's prized hitman. To kill, or not to kill seems to be the question awaiting decision.
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