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V is for Violet

V is for Violet

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Bailey-Elizabeth By Bailey-Elizabeth Completed

Vengeance. Vendetta. Violet. These three words are her entire life. For three years now, Violet's world has been centered around killing Bill Pfeiffer, the man who murdered her father and little sister. She's learned the criminal underground inside and out while keeping from sight, bringing her closer and closer to her target. Now it's time to blow her cover, and Bill Pfeiffer's brains out.
  Vitale Fierro lives a fairly carefree life as a sniper and Capo in the Salvaggi Mafia. He is responsible for his crew, and keeping the Family safe. Blood, guts, and gambling are expected on a daily basis. What isn't expected is the responsibility of what to do with the new prisoner girl. The girl that shot the Family's prized hit-man. To kill, or not to kill seems to be the question awaiting decision.
  Book 1 in the Rough Love Novels
  Highest rank (that I've noticed): 118

mattewsaur mattewsaur a day ago
yes! ^ two guys in college created this polish because they saw so many girls getting drugged and being used
PSA: drug detecting nail polish is a real thing! Be safe out there, girlies!
My love for this book escalated quickly. Its already damn interesting. 😃