Facts About The Flash

Facts About The Flash

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⚡️K K ⚡️ By Grant--Gustin Updated Dec 26, 2016

I totally love The Flash, these are facts that you should know if you're anything like me.

Did you know that Jay Garrick is a Demigod?

Did you know that Barry has worn Green Lantern's ring?

Did you know that the Speed Force isn't with Jay?

Did you know that Barry can punch up to 1 billion times per second?

Read on to find out more facts!

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bloodydrinks bloodydrinks Dec 01, 2016
XD I thought so when I watched the old Flash. I was like: HE LOOKS SO FAMILIAR WHERE HAVE I SEEN HIM OMF 😂😂😂😂😂😂
PetrxMaximoff PetrxMaximoff Apr 24, 2016
I knew it! I thought I was hallucinating because I watched that movie and the show right after so they looked to similar!
- - Jun 19, 2016
oh my gosh! THATS CREEPY! and try also did that in Supergirl Mrs Danvers was played by the original Supergirl
GDBooks77 GDBooks77 Jul 28, 2016
Way cool! I want people to make a story about Barry and Caitlin even if I still kinda hate love stories and even I I hate love stories and I wrote one
veugj3489 veugj3489 Nov 23, 2016
And he voiced the reverse flash in batman: the brave and the bold
xXCisco-_-RamonXx xXCisco-_-RamonXx Apr 08, 2016
I know. I think everyone does. I have the dad of the old show