Family And Friends

Family And Friends

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Princess_Byakugan By Princess_Byakugan Updated Jul 07

Naruto was shunned and hated for something he had no control over

Sasuke's family was taken from him by his own brother

Sakura was bullied and neglected by her parents

Pain. Pain was what these three felt. Pain was all they knew. Until they stumbled upon each other and saved one another from the depths of pain. Follow the adventures Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura as they face the adventures of life together.

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...Ill look at the bright sight
                              This is the first fanfic that the anbus actually do their duties and protects Naruto!
joplins joplins Aug 27, 2017
TRUE!!!! AND BAKASHI!!!! (Itachi and Kakashi are meh 1sa senpais)
ahdhfjfbdfj ahdhfjfbdfj Sep 22, 2017
This anime is how i asked my gf out lmao shes gilbert and im feli ^^
Christoffer_Jones Christoffer_Jones Jun 27, 2017
Does anyone else listen to clear when they can't sleep then like automatically fall asleep
Mikuann_34 Mikuann_34 Jun 14, 2016
Happy belated birthday  to you and please update i really like your;-)
JoahnaPamelahGabayan JoahnaPamelahGabayan Sep 18, 2016
HOLD THE PHONE!!! ... I thought that ANBU w/ a sharingan's supposed to be weasel.