You And I..

You And I..

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Omahazeeya By omahazeeya Completed

Meghna, angled off to pick up those partition papers, that fate had provided her. 

"You can't do this, Arjun. You love me!", She gulped. In an unusual manner, it was she who reminded him that he loves her. 

"I loved you!", he yelled, gritting his teeth. Taking his hands to loosen the tie around his neck; his fists clenched. "Not anymore.", he enjoined, raising his voice. 

She'd no other way. Though, she felt confounded and she'd never told him that she has love for him and she'd fallen for him. 

Bracing up herself, wiping off the trailing tears; and scarfing down those lumps, that seemed to shut off her throat, she gasped. "I love you, Arjun!"

His racy teal eyes, showed no impressions of changing the decision; ever after hearing those three words. Instead, an evil smirk spread over his super-sexy face. 

"I don't care!", he said with the same smirk. A merciless, cold but captivating smirk. 


After eight months of joy, fun and indelible; striking moments with Arjun, Meghna had fallen for him. Arjun, the blue-eyed man; more precisely her man; who'd started liking her instantly, is trying to hate her, now. Though, he knew that it was highly impossible, he was at least trying make himself believe that he had started hating her. 

Meghna decides to drift away, for a time. Little did both of them know that All they make are wonders, together! 

Will things fall in right places at the right time? Or Will it end up in Divorce? 


Here's the description. Let me know, what you people think about the description. I can assure you people a happy time, reading the story. :)

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reva3596 reva3596 May 19, 2016
Gurlll!! This chapter made me cry!
                              Yu knw me well enuf to know that I ly idealize fictional heroes... But this Meghna is growing up on me... I'm feeling whatever she s feeling! 
                              Yu grew leapssss as a writer.. Atb :) 
                              Much louuu
eternalleonine eternalleonine May 06, 2016
Juzt can't take in that Meghna the smart bold beauty who broke guys noses is weeping herself
Niveditha_Shetty Niveditha_Shetty Apr 18, 2016
It's a great start. You always make sure to give your readers the best ☺
akrox58 akrox58 Aug 05, 2016
Prologue was super gripping. I couldn't take my eyes off the chapter. Reading ahead! :D
Niveditha_Shetty Niveditha_Shetty Apr 18, 2016
Divorce papers? I at first thought they were gf and bf didn't expect them to be husband and wife
reva3596 reva3596 May 19, 2016
I seriously feel sumthing heavy In my heart! 
                              Meghna grew so much on me! It feels as if I'm meghna! :'(