Mon Coeur | Miraculous Ladybug One-Shots

Mon Coeur | Miraculous Ladybug One-Shots

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We met in the rain. 
My first friend. My first love.
We met in the streets.
My first love. My first friend.

We were always so close.
She's so nice. He's so incredible.
We were always fighting together.
She's so incredible. He's so nice.

We wouldn't talk that much.
She's so shy. I'll embarrass myself.
We would talk a lot.
She won't take me seriously. He's being corny again.

We never get to say what we want.
Je t'aime, Adrien. Je t'aime, Ladybug.

~Disclaimer. I don't own any Miraculous Ladybug characters. (Or merchandise *cries*)
~I will be writing about Ladrien, Ladynoir, Marichat, and Adrienette.
~I ask that you do not use curse words in this book in your comments.

Dammit, Akuma. Why tf now?! They were havin a god damn fking wedding. 
                              God, I'm ragin rn
B-b-but YOU MADE ME CRY (congrats that's very hard to do lol) THEY JUST GOT MARRIED AND NOW SHES DEAD
I'm crying for like the fifth time today!😭 why do authors make sad one shots!
Ohh he called her marinette not princess or Mari 😭 Noooo Mari why did you just say that you could have let him down a bit easier lol
WHAT??????! You can't do that you can't! I'm crying so much... till death do us apart.... no.... no...
oh my gosh i am freaking out you're the best author in the world!!