Taking my manager away from me is a No, No, No! [Fuuto x Reader]

Taking my manager away from me is a No, No, No! [Fuuto x Reader]

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[Writer on Hiatus ;-; ] 

 When Fuuto's previous manager quit her job, Fuuto had to find another one. 

And he claimed that his next manager must be you since you two are friends since middle school.  

And so, you became his manager, doing everything he asks, helping him with his shows, accompanying him wherever he goes. 

But the naughty idol started to get bored  and decided to play a game with you. The rule of the game is "If you fall in love with him, you have to quit the job and have to do whatever he says. If he falls in love with you, he'll stop being an idol and will do whatever you say; even that costs his life".  

He'll make you fall in love with him. He'll make you confess to him. He'll make you quit your job and will make you his slave.  

Will you be able to stand the tests and challenges he made? 

"You are risking quite a bit," you said. 

Fuuto smirked, "That's because I know I won't fall in love with you that easily. Just be prepared to quit the manager job." 

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im sorry but ik anything but good, im a tomboy and a troublemaker
Please update this book! I really like it! How come author-chan is no longer working on it?
....(looks at my stomach)
                              I swear somwhere along the way baby died. Hahahahha and no. It's a good thing. And yes. I have no more ovaries to explode sooo....