Fallen- book 1 of The Angelic Wars

Fallen- book 1 of The Angelic Wars

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Ally G By Amaranthine-angel Completed

You must understand that Angels don't play by the same rules as humans, everything I did was justified. If you give me half a chance I'll tell you the real story, the one that hasn't been twisted by my brothers. 

They call me fallen, the accuser, Satan, and the devil. It's not fair, really. I am still very much an angel, but a fallen angel. 

Let me tell you my story, the true and unbiased story. This is how I fell and brought half of paradise with me. They call me Lucifer.

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This REALLY sounds like a book I would enjoy. I absolutely love books like this and I am SO HAPPY to have found a series like it!
I got lost on your profile trying to find Book 1 XD you've gotten so far from just Book 1 ><
I would love so see these books published, I'd definitely pick them up!
So many but i gonna read it :).. btw some of the book in the series are not in your profile? May i know why?
-kalxpsia- -kalxpsia- Aug 16
as someone who loves trying to summon demons in the middle of the night, i resent this statement
-kalxpsia- -kalxpsia- Aug 16
                              please get published next time I go to b&n I better see these books there