3 Steps of Falling

3 Steps of Falling

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natha By crxssover Updated Jun 04, 2016

If there's one thing Camila Cabello loves more than fucking desperate girls, it's Lauren Jauregui. 

Camila and Lauren used to have their childhoods together; filled with happy memories that both of them cherished; but as soon as they grew up, they drifted apart. Mostly because of Camila's unusual condition and the fact that her parents sees her as a total disgrace wasn't helping either. Years has passed and they're changing step by step; Camila the shy girl turned into the biggest fuckboy ever and Lauren the happy girl turned into an ignorant one. Even though these walls kept them apart, Camila actually had develop a massive crush on the other girl, but she never made a move somehow; At least not until one of her friends made a bet for her. 

(Camila G!P)


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Nails scratching my back tat
                              Eyes closed when you scream out
                              And you keep me in with those hips
                              While my teeth sink those lips
                              While your body's giving me life
                              And you suffocate in my kiss 
                              And you say...
They watching The 100!!!! Same Camila Lexa is also my spirit animal
Um... 😶 the pencils... *clears throat* were they um... where the pencils sharpened?
JadesAbs404 JadesAbs404 Oct 29
Pull out game is worse than my grades. Smh 🤦🏾‍♀️